We have found that most of the political parties/politicians and corporate organizations as well as non- governmental organizations in Nigeria understand the importance of leveraging on social media to achieve immediate and strategic goals. We have also noted how they use these tools without good strategy. This has left them with accumulating cost on manpower and tools for social media marketing; with little to show for it.

At BMB Multimedia, we know the huge potential locked in strategically exploited social media platform and our experts are always up-to-date in the best practices and are incredibly passionate about helping our clients achieve maximum impact value by training their social media handlers. We provide both general and customized social media trainings to our clients.

Our experts do liaise with our clients to ascertain their specific social media marketing and promotional skills need and eventually create a befitting training session. We research our client’s company, its various sections, competitors and its target audience to ensure that everything we teach them has maximum benefit to their business goal. We not only train our clients’ social media managers, but also help monitor their social presence and give feedback on the dynamics of their audience.

Our general modules include Target Audience Identification and Attraction, Strategic Audience Engagement, Social Management Tools Selection, Social Media Marketing Return Measuring & Adjustment, Awesome Content Creation & Manipulation, Signposting & Hash Tagging and Effective Social Tactics.