Our offering revolves around three important areas; (1) Communication/Media solutions (2) Digital Solutions and (3) Human Resource Management solutions (2) Digital Solutions and (3) Human Resource Management Solutions.

Content Development

Our team of media professionals with training in marketing, digital media and human psychology are armed with requisite skills and expertise to create contents that will elicit positive action from your target audience, increase your customers and grow your business.

Digital Solution

At BMB Multimedia, we provide you with top-notch digital marketing support for your product launch, marketing campaign, brand building and organizational promotion. Our digital marketing solution includes crafting a digital marketing strategy, execution of digital marketing campaign and social media marketing.

Web Design

At BMB Multimedia, we offer a professional support services, including web design, web management, web content creation, and response-tracking, mobile responsive website that powers your business to soar in today’s competitive market.


Our experts do liaise with our clients to ascertain their specific social media marketing and promotional skills need and eventually create a befitting training session. We research our client’s company, its various sections, competitors and its target audience to ensure that everything we teach them has maximum benefit to their business goal. We not only train our clients’ social media managers, but also help monitor their social presence and give feedback on the dynamics of their audience.

Book Writing

We believe that there are many people with book ideas, untold stories and thoughts that will change the world; but have not been able to set pen to paper to bring such books to life. In most cases, the challenges are how best to tell the story, how to organize the thoughts, how to write effectively, how to publish and market the book effectively. At BMB Multimedia, we are positioned to take off these challenges from you and help you enjoy the fulfillment of being an author and reap the professional and financial fruits of being an author.

Broadcast Content Development

BMB Multimedia houses a team of professionals in communication, broadcasting and marketing who help media houses and individuals with broadcast idea. We provide leverage in conceptualizing, crafting, and packaging content for broadcast.

We equally offer media buying services which involve choosing the right media for your broadcast, negotiating a good price and impact-value monitoring.

Public Speaking Training & coaching

Speaking in public is not a choice for anyone who desires to make progress in his career because you will always have situations where you will have to speak in public. Shying away from such simply means refusing to advance your career and doing poorly is equally failure to sell yourself properly.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it poorly or shy away from it if you are properly trained and coached by professionals who not only know the principles of public speaking; but are equally public speakers.

At BMB Multimedia, we provide public speaking training that helps you become a good public speaker; how to package the content of your speech, overcome stage fright, communicate clearly, and interact effectively with your audience.

On-Air Personality Training

We offer training on every aspect of Radio and Television broadcasting; including production, presentation, anchoring, interviewing, editing, casting, and many more.


We are all out to bridge the gap between traditional approach to marketing and promotion, which often lack consumer/audience insights and the dynamically complex nature of the contemporary consumers.  That’s why we consistently use our professional acumen to transmute advertising, public relations, and marketing strategies to develop an executable plan that helps our clients grow their businesses. We maintain a resolute commitment to creating sound and successful pathways, using a combination of business and brand strategy, digital transformation and accountability measures to ensure optimal achievement of our clients’ short and long term goals.

As a vibrant communication and media firm, managed by world class professionals and researchers, we take great passion in developing and executing revolutionary business building ideas that help our clients grow.


BMB help provides exceptional corporate promotional services to big and small-scale businesses, for both brands and personalities. We have an upper hand over our competitors in helping corporate clients and high profile personalities (firms, companies, political parties, celebrities and politicians) to promote corporate brand in order to exhibit competitive advantage over their competitors. We always leverage in our robust professional experience and consistent commitment to market research, with regards to client, media, target audience, influencers and the competition to deliver the best service that ensure confidence, Client satisfaction, and increased sales.

We specialize in crafting promotional messages, cross-media channelling across traditional print, broadcast, outdoor, digital and social media platforms.


At BMB Multimedia, we cash in on the latest technology and our professional expertise to help our clients achieve highest quality output of still photography, video production, film production, and documentary.

We handle both full and partial aspects of any such productions, which fundamentally revolves around Concept Development, Production Management, Scriptwriting/Storyboarding, Directing and Post-Production touches. We have expertise and tools for the production of institutional and personality documentary as well as commercial film production.


Film and home video productions have now become not only means of bringing about social transformation, but also a lucrative area of business entrepreneurship. That’s why we at BMB are passionate about helping our clients (in the film industry and those aspiring to key in) develop requisite technical and entrepreneurial skills to compete and excel in the contemporary globalised market place.

Our experientially powered team of tutors and industry professionals can help you achieve your goals by identifying and critically analysing areas for development within your proposal. We offer private trainings and consultancy support to producers, directors, and script writers, as well as actors/actresses. We are very efficient in finding effective solutions to our clients’ training needs and creating special training package to cater for their special needs. We arrange sessions for people with film concept where they freely exchange ideas with specialists with view to identifying the right course of action, either for the film project or for their personal ambitions as filmmakers.


The ever-changing dynamics in ICT and digital transformation which complicate media consumption and audience expectation continue to pose challenges to advertising industries, publishers, brand marketers, image makers and other media agencies. Public habits, activities and preferences are now so fragile and unpredictable, which make it very difficult to make better informed decisions about advertising planning and execution.

At BMB our experts leverage in cutting-edge digital and software technologies as well as best research practices to help our clients make accurate identification of their audience and analysis, which consequently allow for the crafting and disseminating strategic messages that will reach the right consumers at the right time for the right action. We partner with vibrant contemporary media researchers that also specialized in analyzing media listenership for effective media placement of our clients’ messages. We use the fastest, least expensive and most accurate means of gathering media-research information today, gauge your subscribers’ interest in a wide array of articles, topics and article genre, measure and track your editorial product’s performance as perceived by the reader.


We are Professional event managers, skilled in the technical, creative, and logistical implementation of both private and corporate events. We leverage in strategic partnership to bring an element of surprise to our esteem clients. We handle with high level of professionalism every aspect of event management services that include event planning, event management, event coordination, theming, décor & styling, conferencing, entertainment and venue sourcing. We manage such events as private parties, charitable events, weddings, product launches, trade show, awards ceremony and many more.

We also help our clients invite the guests and even find the talent wanted in the event. We always strive to deliver the most unforgettable experience to our clients within the confine of their budget.