Radio has been a powerful means of marketing because of it’s power to reach both the rich and the poor; irrespective of location. However, with attention-competition from other media like TV, newspaper, magazine and even digital media, marketers and brand managers have to better strategize to be able to market effectively on radio.

Unlike the past when your target audience’s attention is all on their radio for early morning and late night news, they get the news as notification on their phone as they wake up.

Many analysts have concluded that radio is no longer an effective medium for marketing; but that’s not true. What is true is that the way radio marketing was done in the past can’t get the same result now.

That’s what I seek to share with you in this post and I want to start by showing you the three pillars of your radio marketing. Success with marketing on radio is hinged on your advert copy, production and placement.

If you desire to record success in your radio advertising, you must ensure that your copy—the words that will be said in your advert—are based on proper research on your audience and persuasively written. No matter how huge your budget is, if your copy doesn’t resonate with your target audience, it will fail flat.

Beyond the copy, ensure that the production of the copy is also very fine. A perfectly written copy with bad production is like a beautiful design for a building with poor execution. The implication is that the intended message is not communicated.

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So ensure that the voice over artistes that you use, microphone, sound effects and music work harmoniously to ensure effective communication of your message to your target audience.

Then the placement of your ad. Your ad is targeted towards an audience and your work succeeds when they have received your message and acted on it. In placing your ads, ensure that you choose the right radio station that your target audience listen to most and more specifically book for slot within the time or programme they listen to most.

My point?

To succeed in marketing your service, product or candidate on radio, you have to ensure that the three pillars of radio advertising are strong and that entails developing a clean copy, sound production and strategic placement for massive reach.

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