At BMB Multimedia, we cash in on the latest technology and our professional expertise to help our clients achieve highest quality output of still photography, video production, film production, and documentary.

Film has become part of us and with the increase of picture-driven social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, it has become necessary the public figures, small and big business exploit these platforms to tell their brand stories, deepen their brand awareness and increase their revenue.


We handle both full and partial aspects of any such productions, which fundamentally revolves around Concept Development, Production Management, Scriptwriting/Storyboarding, Directing and Post-Production touches. We have expertise and tools for the production of institutional and personality documentary as well as commercial film production.


Film and home video productions have now become not only means of bringing about social transformation, but also a lucrative area of business entrepreneurship. That’s why we at BMB are passionate about helping our clients (in the film industry and those aspiring to key in) develop requisite technical and entrepreneurial skills to compete and excel in the contemporary globalised marketplace.

Our experientially powered team of tutors and industry professionals can help you achieve your goals by identifying and critically analysing areas for development within your proposal. We offer private training and consultancy support to producers, directors, and scriptwriters, as well as actors/actresses. We are very efficient in finding effective solutions to our clients’ training needs and creating special training package to cater for their special needs. We arrange sessions for people with film concept where they freely exchange ideas with specialists with view to identifying the right course of action, either for the film project or for their personal ambitions as filmmakers.