Political campaign is the inevitable event designed to create awareness for a candidate in vying for political position and its success largely determines the fate of a candidate or party in an election.

Politicians and political parties know the power of effective political campaign and so they plan and budget for it. In fact, it’s seen as a major part of political participation.

Smart political move during political campaign is to use media and live events to capture the interest of the electorates, and sell your party or candidate. Many have done this; but very few have exploited the power of digital media in pursuit of their political goals.

Digital media has come to stay as a powerful tool for political campaign research has proven it to be powerful in political tsunami like the victory of first Black President of the United State of America and President Muhammadu Buhari, the first candidate to defeat an incumbent President.

Digital has many similarities to traditional media like radio, TV, Newspaper and Magazine and but its superiority is hinged in the ability to target a specific audience with specific message that will resonate with them and deliver more cost-effectively.

We have observed some candidates and party trying to use social media in their campaign; but have outsourced this all-important strategic task to amateur who hardly understand Marketing, Political Communication, Digital Marketing or how to create relevant contents that will resonate with the target audience.

The result is zero or abysmal return on the investment of time, money and efforts. That is why, as you plan your next political campaign, we implore you to seek the services of competent hands with relevant skill sets and competence. The result of your investment will be massive awareness and winning the hearts of larger chunk of the electorate which will translate to victory.

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In my subsequent blog post, I will show you in more details how to exploits social media, blogs, websites, podcast and infographics to power your campaign to succeed.

PS: BMB Multimedia is a team of interdisciplinary experts dedicated to crafting compelling messages, positioning them strategically for deep and wide reach to your target audience. Get in touch with us today for political communication strategy, tools and support.

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