BMB Multimedia & Management is led by a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced professionals and seasoned scholars with global exposure; which gives us a cutting edge advantage to effectively and efficiently deliver wide variety of engagements; ranging from Advertising,  Public Relations, Political Campaign, Corporate Management, Corporate Branding, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Media Operational & Management training, and Human Resource Management Training.

We are incorporated as BMB Multimedia & Management NIG Ltd on 6th December 2016 to carry on production and advisory functions of multimedia/digital and human resource Management consultancy, under the Company and Allied Matters Act.

Media is an integral part of human life and any individual and organization that desires to attract quality customers, make the best of their staff, survive competition and grow in today’s market need to exploit both traditional and digital media potentials and cutting-edge management practices.

Those who neglect this reality are likely to suffer avoidable loses and eventually fizzle out of the market; and even those that embrace this fact, but fail to get the right hands to help them with the right strategy, and or train their handlers,  are likely to fall into the trap of getting little or zero return on their investment.

However, your story will be different when there is a professional hand like BMB Multimedia & Management with relevant competencies, skill sets, experiences and exposures that will help you attract more qualified customers and harness your team for profits.

We help businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as individuals; manage their media/communication and digital situations effectively and efficiently. We are an emerging media/communication and management consulting company; inspired by a collective determination of developing and transforming business enterprises to enable them to excel in their domain, especially in this era of aggressive global competition.

Our vision is to lead in media and management service delivery in Nigeria by leveraging on cutting-edge technology, research, professionalism, and strategic partnership.

Our mission is to present with integrity the highest quality multimedia and management solutions to our individual and organizational clients in Nigeria and beyond, so as to help them excel in this competitive & customer-driven era through highly trained professionals, technology-driven solution, and strategic partnership.

Our Shared Values

BMB Multimedia & Management Nig LTD is guided by set of five values which help us satisfy our clients with the highest sense of responsibility.


We are consistently committed to delivering the highest quality service to our clients, even beyond their expectations.


We strongly believe in operating within the legal and ethical boundaries, especially in handling the trust and confidence of our clients.


We bear full responsibility in all our dealings to our esteem clients, ourselves (BMB), the larger society and to our creator.


We believe in exploring the imaginative power of our team members and strategic professional partnership to provide appropriate responses to our clients’ needs.

Innovation We strongly believe in providing innovative solutions to our clients’ needs and expectations. Our vast professional experience and intellectual repertoire allow us to always synthesis best ideas from different disciplines in providing unique services to our esteem clients.